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About "The Child Montessori"

At “The Child Montessori”, We follow authentic Montessori philosophy. We have  prepared environments for children at each successive developmental plane. Our Montessori learning environment is much different than the traditional model of education. This environment provides children with the opportunity to respond to their natural tendency to learn and work. It also allows children to take responsibility for their own education, giving them the opportunity to function independently and within a community.
Instead of information passing from the teacher to the student, the teacher puts the child in touch with the environment. The teacher helps the children make intelligent choices, explore, and carry out research. Children learn to read, write, and calculate in the same way that they learn to walk and talk – one experiential step after another, teaching themselves. This fosters a love of lifetime learning in the student.
Our Montessori classrooms are geared to the size, pace, and interest of children. They offer space for movement, for individual work and for small group activities. Each classroom is designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration, and has a full range of AMI-approved Montessori educational apparatus for the appropriate age level. These specifically designed materials are sensory-based, self-correcting, arranged according to subject area, and neatly placed on low and open shelves within easy reach of all children.


At each level, the Montessori learning environment is designed for mixed-age group. This provides an opportunity for younger children to learn from older peers, while older children gain satisfaction in sharing their knowledge while reinforcing their own learning.

About the Founder

Ms.Divya M.S ,Holds MBA in HR, certified for 3-6 years AMI diploma. I have worked in reputed Montessori schools like Blue Blocks, Hyderabad, Head Start, Bangalore.
About 10 years ago, my life changed forever and there has been no looking back. I commenced my journey into the magical world of Montessori and even today, not a day goes by when I am amazed by Montessori education and when I work with children. I have realized that my calling was to work with children and work of my life.
One of the incidents took place when I started working with children. A three-year-old shy boy joined our environment[class] and all he did was stand in a corner and watch everyone else carry out their work. On trying every way possible to invite and engage him in the different activities in class and finding myself failing miserably. As a new teacher with very little experience to fall back on and almost doubting myself as an educator, my patience paid off. In few months back at school, this little shy boy had soaked in all that he had been silently observing from last few months. He worked his way through all the activities in the environment devouring them completely and sending me in a complete tizzy. This is the beauty of Montessori. This reminds me quote of Maria Montessori……..

“The observation of the way in which the children pass from the first disordered movements to those which are spontaneous and ordered -- this is the book of the teacher; this is the book which must inspire her actions”

Dr. Maria Montessori

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