Giving your child
the keys to life
Montessori education is not only education but way to life that goes beyond classrooms. It builds bridge from classroom to life.
Deeply Individualized
Activities are carefully structured and designed to appeal to each student's level of development and needs.
An education for independence,
at school and beyond
Child has freedom to work of his/her choice within the limits

"Montessori is a education for Independence, preparing not just for school, but for life."

Dr. Maria Montessori
Practical Life

Personalized Learning | Class Room Training

Rediscover learning.

At The Child Montessori,

We follow authentic Montessori philosophy. We have prepared environments for children at each successive developmental plane.

 Our Montessori learning environment is much different than the traditional model of education. This environment provides children with the opportunity to respond to their natural tendency to learn and work. 

It also allows children to take responsibility for their own education, giving them the opportunity to function independently and within a community

Why Us?


Reignite your child’s love of learning as they rediscover all the wonders of the classroom. Now, more than ever, early childhood education is critical to keep young learners on track and ready for elementary school.


Working Principles

We’re committed to the complete well-being of your growing child. We’re proud to promote healthy living, fitness, and nutrition through this unique initiative.


Our Campus

We provide a foundation to ensure children are prepared to navigate a changing world and our approach to early education ensures that they thrive and develop the necessary skills to embark on their future.



As the pandemic is almost ending, in our country, it can be hard to keep the momentum of online learning going, particularly for young learners. 
We are starting up a new classrooms as it is an important part of the day for this age group and there are many reasons why they need to keep learning and stay connected to “The Child Montessori”.


Best teachers you can find!

 Our teachers help children follow their interests and passions to develop strong academic and life skills, leadership, self-discipline, responsibility, and independence.
AMI teachers create learning environments that are hands-on, self-paced, collaborative, and joyful—everything that’s needed to create a lifelong, active learner.

Why AMI Certified Teachers?

An Association Montessori International (AMI) certified teacher…

  • Understands child development and acts as a guide to help children find their own natural path 
  • Creates a hands-on, self-paced, collaborative, and joyful classroom
  • Transforms lives by implementing the principles of Montessori education
  • Believes in education that meets the child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual development 
  • Guides children to enthusiastically follow their interests and passions while developing strong academic skills, leadership, self-discipline, responsibility, and independence 
  • Trains rigorously and graduates with a set of high-quality skills that are recognized and sought-after across the globe 
  • Connects to a global network across numerous countries with hundreds of trainers and other teachers to continuously develop their craft 

What People Say ?

sriramoju amulya

I see a good change in my kids day to day routine, my kid is applying what she is learning here, lot of change in her behavior, I appreciate the teachers patience and interest towards kids and the way she is nurturing my kid. Kid is very much interested to participate in the sessions the sessions are planned and designed that way..... All the best and thank you to The child Montessori...

Digangana Mukherjee

The Child Montessori is a inclusive, holistic learning space. Divya Ma'am along with her team enables every child to understand their strengths and build on them. The environment of respect and inspiration in their daily routine inspires the children to treat the world with respect and empathy. My child studies in this school, and she looks forward to go to school every morning. As a parent we know we have chosen the right place for our kid.

Prerana M

If you are looking for an “authentic Montessori environment” with all the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori followed to the “T”, then this is your destination! I can’t thank Ms. Divya enough for this start up and her passion! Every little thing is taken care of, the ideas and principles are clearly explained to the parents and she ensures that the same is being followed at home so that the child is benefited greatly! It should a whole new world inside!

Archana Bennur

One of the very few authentic Montessori schools in Mysore. The owner/teacher is a well trained Montessori teacher who has a certification from the Netherlands.

Divya, the head teacher and the owner, knows thoroughly what she is doing. Very patient towards children and most importantly the parents. Her approach towards any kind of early childhood education is in-depth and never leaves any matter unattended/unfinished. Her approach towards each child is custom made and not the same for all the children.
Someone who is so passionate about their work and the system in which they are in ought to be excellent.
I would recommend The Child Montessori for sure to all whom I know with little ones.

Rakesh Taranath

Having read a couple of books on the Montessori philosophy and methods, I had some initiation into it. And I was looking for a Montessori pre-school in Mysuru for my child during August this year. While searching, I quickly realized that there are only a couple of these establishments in the city and 'The Child Montessori' (TCM) is one of those.

At the time of writing this, Divya is the principal teacher in this school and she is trained and certified in the Montessori way. She has close to a decade or more of experience in being part of children’s learning and development. The space at ‘TCM’ is very thoughtfully curated for the child’s holistic development.

From the day-1 to this day, my wife and I periodically engage with Divya on child-development related topics. We find Divya to be passionate, knowledgeable and rich in experience. Our discussions have been very helpful in refining our approach to parenting.

My kid enjoys going to the school, and she likes indulging in the activities and socializing with the other kids around her. The care-givers at the school have earned her trust. I should say that I was very fortunate to discover TCM and find a spot for my kid in this pre-school. I would recommend this pre-school to anyone looking for an enriching space for their toddlers.

Rohini Vasu

When it was time for my daughter to start with schooling, Me and my husband did a thorough study on what kind of education to be chosen since we have lot of varieties available in market today. Of all the education systems we went through, We arrived at a conclusion that Montessori is the best education system since it is completely focused on practical skills.I believe in ancient wisdom and hence we choose Montessori because it is very similar to gurukulas which was the ancient schooling methodologies.

And then the hunt for the best schooling started and since Mysore is a small city we were not sure if there was any school that existed following the Montessori philosophies. We did check most of the best of the Montessori schools in Mysore and we found that it was not 100% Montessori philosophies followed.
Through one of my contacts, I got to know about Ms Divya (Founder of Child Montessori) that she is an AMI certified Montessori teacher and has 10+ years of experience in the same line but has no school premise yet.

We met her directly at her house which was her school also that time since pandemic had hit. I really liked the set up that she had done in her room which was no less than a Montessori classroom. After talking to her We found her very soft nature, passionate and dedicated towards the field she is into. What impressed me the most was she did not want to join any school as a teacher where Montessori philosophies were not followed. Even though school was from her home , we had a strong feeling that this was the right place for our daughter to start her schooling. The class was for 2 hours and I must say it used to be very effective and I can say this because I used to see many changes in my daughter.

Even though we were very happy with her home schooling, Ms Divya had a feeling that she can cater even more if she has a premise because of space constraints. In couple of months, Ms Divya started the new school and my daughter enjoys the school premises as well. The setup and every minute thing in the premises is so very well planned keeping children in mind. The best thing about Ms Divya is she doesn’t compromise with anything less than best in anything she does. She has maintained the quality very well. One very most important thing that triggered me to choose child Montessori is the environment has a very calm vibe unlike some schools are little aggressive which impact the child later in life.

Along with my daughter , I am also learning every day to unlearn some of the things that we were doing in a not very right way. Ms Divya has always been very supportive and patient to take all our questions and answers them appropriately. I am glad that I was able to find Ms Divya for my daughter. My daughter really feels safe and has developed a very good bonding with Ms Divya. My daughter has been very confident and doesn’t hesitate to say or do anything at school because her opinions are listened , addressed and not judged. She has got all the freedom to explore, experience, do mistake and learn from it to build her foundation for the wonderful things she will grow up to be.


We are very happy with the school and so is my daughter.
For sure I would recommend this school to everyone.


“The teacher must give her lesson, plant the seed and then disappear; observing and waiting.”

Meaningful learning experiences.

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We help children find their path in life and become capable of creating a better world for themselves and others.

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